Snow shout out

It comes every year just as winter does, “have you got any snow/winter stories?” well yes we do, take a look, we may have the one for you. On the winter theme fires and warm fabric are single image ideas this month.

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Hot Fires

There is nothing like an open fire when it's cold outside -yes we are living in a carbon free world - but most of us live in houses that were designed to be heated by an open fire, and today there are many ways to have an open fireplace and be good to the carbon-god at the same time... click here
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Warm Fabrics

Touchy tactile fabrics used
correctly can transform a
room into a snug nest to
live out the cold winter
months that lay infront of
Whether a pattern or a
monochrome we have a
good selection to stimulate
your next feature... click here
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The Clubhouse - Chamonix

The clubhouse - Chamonix Award winning bar owner Jonathon Downey, has successfully created a blend of alpine retreat and louche lounge bar high up in the french alps. The Clubhouse is within the walls of an original art deco house in the town created for the first winter olympics and a lot of its original features have been kept. With a Boutique recently opened and the town rapidly becoming the Aspen of the french alps, the clubhouse is rapidly becoming the chic hotel hideaway for its members only clients... click here Pin It Now!

Boy Zone

Requiring a house large enough for three energetic sons and an adult space of their own. Mairead and Phil embarked on an unconventional project the conversion of 11 bed-sits back into a family home... click here Pin It Now!

Lottie Glob

Lottie Waited 37 years to finally live in her perfect home. She fell in love with the loch she lives next too when she was a student and finally when the land became available bought it, and with the help of a local architect built her home within her budget of £75,000. She told him she was 'Allergic to walls and doors' and he thus created a space that bought her close to the outside she loves, and that has also won many awards for its robust but creative design. Nine miles from the local village, it is isolated. But Glob Likes it like that and with plans to now build a new studio and a natural sculpture garden, she is finally realising her life long dream... click here Pin It Now!

Northern Brights

Escaping the London rat race has not only given Simon Young and Vicky Pepys a beautiful home in Northumbria, but Simon has also been able to realise his dream project. A lifestyle shop selling vintage and new accessories and furniture. It was his passion for collecting vintage pieces that led Simon to his lastest project, RE a lifestyle shop set up with Jenny Vaughan. They had worked together in the fashion industry and both shared a love of interiors and shopping... click here Pin It Now!

Highland Hospitality

A Parisian interior designer was set the task of transforming an old tower like building on the Isle of Jura in to a comfortable and welcoming house. Taking the idea that the place had been lived in by an elderly, eccentric but well travelled aunt; the designer went about collecting the things that this fictitious aunt might have had, and arranging them against a back drop of deep, roll top baths, soft comfortable beds and a long, refectory style dining table... click here Pin It Now!

A Happy Highland Home

Annie Stweart and her husband Llachlan live in a restored castle on the Scottish coast, Llachlan, an architect, oversaw the restoration of the building using mostly traditional building and finishing techniques. Annie,as well as bringing up the couple's three children runs Anta, a company that brings together the best of Scottish design and manufacture with modern interpreatations of classic design. The first floor of the castle is built around a grand, medieval hall, just the place for large family gatherings and celebrations, whereas the bedrooms and bathrooms are contained in the castle's round towers... click here Pin It Now!