Today’s expansive array of interior trends easily lends themselves to incorporating a variety of damasks. Ranging from glamorous and dramatic to global and contemporary, The trend colours of 2010 are a punchy way to make an impact. Using modern wallpaper in turquoise, purple, and black and white combinations are the trendiest colours and easily make a statement in any room... search wallpaper Pin It Now!

Catwalk to Cushions

These days it’s a short step from catwalk to sofa, as more and more fashion designers turn their hands to our homes. Rather excitingly, the latest names to make the move are hipper and have more style than most. Take Jean-Paul Gaultier, former bad-boy of the fashion world, who has recently collaborated with contemporary furniture house Roche Bobois in a celebration of its 50th anniversary. As part of the collaboration, Gaultier has created a limited edition wardrobe, a combined bed and screen, a mirror, a chair, suitcases and two new upholstery versions of Roche Bobois’ Mah Jong modular sofa... search cushions Pin It Now!

Off the wall

The Dodd family home is a place of dramatic contrasts. Giant penguins, burlesque motifs, a woodland glade… Sarah and Andrew let their imaginations run free when it came to doing up their idiosyncratic family home... view interior feature Pin It Now!

Urban Renewal

Two designers specialising in revival and renovation give their Scandinavian-style London home a bright, airy overhaul. Jonathan Parkin and Jenny Lloyd are best described as transformers. They have the ability to take something unwanted or past its prime and change it into something desirable. Take their North London home: when they bought it nine years ago, it had been on the market for a while and was regarded as a “tricky” property. The single-storey building was “a bit like a hut, really”, says Jonathan. “The walls were mainly wood with small windows. It had been designed as a Scandinavian-style building, but lacked any feeling of light and space. We also had difficulty getting insurance because of its timber frame and flat roof.” Undeterred, the couple and their children moved in and, over the next five years, they virtually rebuilt the place. Most of the exterior walls were replaced with large glass panels and skylights were added. Removing walls to open up the living space reconfigured the internal layout... view interior feature Pin It Now!

Where the art is

When a potter and a designer set up home together in South London, their creative vision and eclectic approach resulted in a masterpiece. “Everything we have has a history,” says Jennifer Lee. “That’s why we don’t have comfortable sofa – this one belonged to Jake’s family.” She perches on the back of a red velvet two-seater while her husband – the artist, designer and food writer Jake Tilson – finds a comfortable hollow on the cushion below and crosses his feet, which are shod in the multi-patterned canvas boots he designed for Paul Smith. The rambling five-bedroom property provides them not only with a home but also two workspaces. It is in hers, at the back of the house, that Jennifer makes pots, exhibiting as part of the Collect event at the Saatchi Gallery. Jake, who has writer and broadcast about fish, especially eels, has a studio packed to the gills with packets, tins and bags of dried fish, labels, netting and floats... view interior feature Pin It Now!

Modern Classic

The muted palette and pared-down elegance of architect George Saumarez Smith’s 3-storey Winchester house are redolent of the gentler-paced era in which it was built. Built in the late 1800s, it’s part of an attractive row of four pairs of externally identical properties. The austerity of the house is softened by its colour palette; a melange of blues and greys. Slipper Satin has been used for the stairs, Lamp Room Grey for the entrance hall and Shaded White for the kitchen... view interior feature Pin It Now!

The Greatest B&B in Britain

Sumptuously decorated and embellished with eccentric touches, 40 Winks is designer David Carter’s East End homage to fin-de-siecle frivolity. The result is a glamorous hotel that belies its bijou size. The property, 40 Winks, is claimed to be “the smallest hotel in the world”. Whether this is true or not, the three-bedroom Queen Anne confection (two guest rooms, plus Carter’s “private boudoir”) must surely be one of the most seductive. The house is a fantastical melange of the terribly grand sprinkled with a soupcon of the voguishly shabby; it’s like a piece of living theatre, exuding wit, charm and glamour... view interior feature Pin It Now!

Opposites Attract

Swedish-born designer Vanessa Fristedt’s East London home successfully combines a Scandinavian passion for clean lines with a collector’s eye for quirky British memorabilia and design. In the converted basement and first-floor flat of her period terraced house, Fristedt has skilfully drawn together the twin threads of her life. The large, bright inner hall, with its open staircase and wall of glass which looks out on to the sauna at the end of the garden, answers her Nordic desire for light and air, while the quirky d├ęcor and playful artworks speak of her immersion in the East London art scene... view interior feature Pin It Now!

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