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There’s a lot more to Scandinavian style than light wood and flat pack cabinets...the simple designs of beautifully organic forms combined with everyday functionality are familiar, as are the traditional interiors that let in as much light as possible to suit the Nordic climate. Contemporary Scandinavian design still has this minimalism but also embraces interesting architecture, handmade textiles, ceramic and glass, vintage and retro flea market finds mixed with iconic furniture pieces. There’s even the odd Ikea bookcase in the mix... Pin It Now!

Scandinavian design

Say Scandinavian design to most people and they will say chairs and fabric and one of the most famous was the Egg Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen - a project for which Jacobsen designed everything from the building itself right down to the furniture and bathroom taps. Please see below where we have given you a good selection of chairs and fabrics from famous designers including Marimekko, Sanden and Stig Lindberg.

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Three Chords and the Truth

This phrase, coined as it was by a country musician, and later appropriated by the punk-scene is anything but the equivalent of simplicity as many take it to mean. On the contrary, it requires hard work, the ability to improvise, historical knowledge, and a whole bunch of will-power. It just looks and sounds simple. Like a good architect’s work. Walking from cabin to cabin between the rock-formations, and from room to room, it dawns on us that what the owners have created here isn’t just an updated version of the “summer-cabin”, but an alternate cabin-universe altogether... view feature Pin It Now!

Rightfully Restored

It's easy to see why the owners fell for this property; full of charm, built on fertile ground and situated close to both, water and forest. The house in Taarbaek, north of Copenhagen has in recent years undergone extensive renovation. The previous owner had renovated it in 1979, giving the property a complete 70s theme, however, the new owners wished to restore this wonderful property back to its original 1863 style. Floors were torn up, ceilings down, and windows were replaced. Where original materials could not be salvaged they were replaced either by recycled materials or in the case of the kitchen, built to requirements by a local carpenter... view feature Pin It Now!

The Historical Patchwork

Only a hundred meters to the right of the dock, where you arrive by ferry, there is a proud building, without shame, ready to show off its history and seduce its guests, albeit on borrowed time... In the white-painted Villa Wille, which was once moved in its entirety by Bernt O. Wille from Ålesund, and rebuilt as the first house of its kind in Sandvika in the year 1909, his descendants spend all their vacation time during the summer months. His daughter in law, Anna Wille, spent 30 years alone in the house until 2006, when the younger generation came back and took over the maintenance and storytelling. So the story begins here. Mr Wille was involved in the restoration of Ålesund after the great city- fire. The log buildings were left standing, and the young gentleman took the house to Sandvika in order to raise a family and run a small furniture factory... view feature Pin It Now!

An Unpolished Haven

Situated in the hills down to Sejrö Bay, Rie Elise Larsen and her family have their home. The house is small and the garden a wilderness - the perfect family retreat for those weekends and holidays away from their apartment in Østerbro and allowing Rie the inspiration for her work, designing textiles. Her work is also reflected clearly in the building's interior; colourful fabrics and local flea market finds, illuminating, creating life in the little house... view feature Pin It Now!

French Liaisons

This elegant apartment gives creed to the notion that style cannot be bought. With a tasteful blend of new and second hand, expensive and inexpensive, this apartment has a surprisingly luxurious feel to it. In this household, where he’s Norwegian and she’s French, the mix of backgrounds adds an exciting twist to the decor. Call it ‘chic’, or whatever you want, but there’s no doubt that this apartment in Oslo’s west-end has a certain je ne sais quais that money cannot buy. Around every corner in these light and spacious rooms, a new surprise is waiting, nonetheless, this apartment is done up according to a few simple ground rules bypassing extravagance or costly surfaces. Still, one cannot escape the fact that there’s something here, which gives it that little extra touch... view feature Pin It Now!

A Percussion of Colour

At home in the apartment and housing business Pang Christianshavn. Both places bursting with life, imagination and love for interior design, for which Anna-Britt has many years experience - including, set designer at Danmarks Radio. "After 18 years with Danish Radio, where I worked on set design, decor and props, I wanted to live my dream of owning a shop," says Anna-Britt Harding. Ceilings and floors are white and bright and are finely contrasted with all the many colourful things... view feature Pin It Now!