What's on display in 2010?

Welcome to 2010, we hope you are glad to be back, if not, then hope you get back into the swing of things soon. To help you on your way, here are some pointers for your March-April issues with kitchen details and doors as single image searches.

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What does your entrance say about you

Open up a whole new world to express individual style and say something about yourself before anyone gets over the step. Here we have plenty of choice from rich wood to cool metal and what about those internal doors, now a days they form part of the interior design and are made from every type of material... Search Doors and Entrances
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Kitchen Details

Turn your kitchen from good to gourmet with clever touches, using form and fine tuned finishes to make all the difference, spring is a great time to plan and do those things that you have been thinking about... Search Kitchen Details Pin It Now!

Renaissance Man

Pauric Sweeney masterminds his luxury bag empire from a buzzing Florentine Palazzo, then cycles to his minimalist family home. Although he is responsible for some of the fashion world’s most sensual and seriously lusted-after handbags, it when you discover that he originally trained as an architect that parts of the jigsaw start falling into place. For a man with such artistic bent, it’s not surprising his studio is in an ancient palazzo near Santa Croce. Parts of it date from the 14th century and the floors and frescoes are original... view interior feature Pin It Now!

A Barratt home

Fiona Barratt just doesn’t have a grandfather that start one of the UK’s largest house builders, she live with an international footballer Sol Campbell. Together they have transformed an 18th-century riverside town house in Chelsea into the height of contemporary style and functionality... view interior feature Pin It Now!

Cool, calm and collected

When a museum curator and a potter take on the renovation of a house, you’d expect the results to be stylish – and it’s become the perfect showcase for their respective passions too. The opening of the V&A’s spectacular new ceramics gallery will be an exciting time for Claire Wilcox and her husband, Julian Stair. Their 1928 house has an Art Nouveau-style décor and is situated on a leafy estate run by the charitable foundation... view interior feature Pin It Now!

The Beachcomber

With her bright and airy home on the Kent coast, Maxine Sutton is perfectly placed to source the pebbles and shells that sit alongside her own textile creations dotted around every room. Three years ago the family moved from South London to Kent in the hope of finding more space not only for the family and a much longed for dog, but also to accommodate Maxine’s work. She uses hand and appliqué to create wall hangings and other fabric-based craftworks. The couple’s hands-on and creative abilities were well used around their house... view interior feature Pin It Now!

The Art Of Living

For Berlin-based artist and alternative musician, a former print works with a walled garden proved the perfect place in which to set up home and studio. I put a bathroom in what had been the chemical lab and painted the walls grey. Cezanne had grey walls in his studio…. The peeling paint and rusting metal balustrades at the entrance to the building serve as reminders of its past... view interior feature Pin It Now!

Private Collection

When an art director and a curator bring their work home, there isn’t a corner of the house that doesn’t have a breathtaking design in it. It can be caged-couple time when spouses live and work together but the art dealer Ben Brown and the curator Louisa Guinness carry it off with some style. They live in one of Notting Hill’s airier pockets, with their children and a whole bunch of art. The house can cope - it’s pretty big - but each room packs at least one museum-sized punch... view interior feature Pin It Now!

mainstream christmas to you all

The good news this week is that hopfully you are all getting some time off work to enjoy the holidays with families and friends, here at mainstreamimages we would just like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers old and new, we wish you a very happy christmas and a positive new year. ray and the team.
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