Could your room use a touch of black?

The use of white and black in decorating can create a stunning and dramatic decor. Find out how to best take advantage of the combination of these two simple colours to maximize your decorating statement. Pin It Now!

Hate going to the office? why not work from home...

Working is an inevitable part of living, but just because we cannot avoid these money-making activities doesn't mean that we can't make that time more pleasant and enjoyable. One of the ways to make working more fun, convenient, and comfortable, is to work from home... Search home office and study

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Black and White

When deciding on colour for contemporary modern living, think of a black and white photograph. Black and white are both basic colours but in modern design less is more, don't be afraid of that space, let your eye be your guide in free flowing composition, and let your pieces of furniture do the talking; mono is master of all... Search black and white

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Creature Comforts

Artist Kelly McCallum adores animals, and loves having them around in her eclectic East London apartment. Just don’t expect to see them all scampering about… “I was looking for somewhere with history and an industrial edge,” says McCallum of home. “This building had been a factory and had cement floors and pillars; I restored some of the organic feeling by uncovering the columns.” Against this utilitarian background she has put her collection of metal and steel furniture, some from offices and other pieces from hospitals... view interior feature Pin It Now!

Restoration Drama

An East London Victorian pub was the perfect building for Owen Pacey to convert into a showroom for his reclaimed furniture store. But having also made his home above it, the more beautiful pieces he acquires don’t always linger downstairs for long... view interior feature Pin It Now!

Perfect Timing

Quirky clockmakers Jim and Chloe Read used a combination of the chic and cheerful to bring a dilapidated Victorian vicarage bang up to date. There are more than 30 clocks in their house. Few of them tell the time, but that’s not the point. This fabulous collection of timepieces is a reminder of what earns them their keep. Although their listed Welsh vicarage, built in 1850, is chocolate-box pretty on the outside, it oozes 21st-century style within. Jim and Chloe’s labour of love has saved the place from a sad and shabby decline, transforming it into a fresh and contemporary family home... view interior feature Pin It Now!

Illusions of Grandeur

From the opulent palette to elaborate fittings, such splendour might make one wonder among which rolling acres of countryside this stately home sits. The answer is none. The tiny one-bed flat is the back of a former laundry in Clapham. The flat is the work and home of Tim Gosling, who trained as a theatre designer and, for almost 20 years, worked with the Queen’s nephew viscount Linley before 4 years ago starting his own company... view interior feature Pin It Now!

The Simple Life

When designer Rosie Simmons moved from London to the depths of West Sussex, it was to a modest wood and corrugated iron property that had been in her family for years. And with some clever renovations, she has created a quirky home that’s popular with all the family... view interior feature Pin It Now!

Base Camp

When adventurers Jo Vesty and Steve Brooks stopped globetrotting and decided to start a family, adapting their West London house became a challenge all of its own. Their home is very much about embracing the challenges of family life full on, and the house has been subtly but clearly divided between the children’s fun, colourful spaces and the more sophisticated grown-up areas. We hadn’t intended to do much in the way of alterations but the project grew in that sort of, ‘Oh, actually, could we…?’ sort of way... view interior feature Pin It Now!

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