My favourite lighting designs are the ones that bleed creativity. There’s definitely something to be said for a design that seamlessly blends both form and function. There’s also something to be said for a design that exhibits a sense of humour. You know that a designer is talented when a light fixture can make you giggle in your seat… search lighting
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Where Shepherds Watched

The renovated shepherd’s hut at the end of his South London garden. The pale blue hut that sits halfway down the long garden is one of a number of original vehicles made in the 19th-century. They were mobile shelters for shepherds who had to watch their flocks by night up on the moors and open heath land. Built with a solid wooden frame on cast-iron wheels, the huts often had a small wood-burning stove and an adjustable platform that was a seat by day and a bed by night. To Roy’s mother, Peta Waddington (a designer and online DJ who, under the name Hip Auntie, has set up a music website for parents and children) the shepherd’s hut is a rustic reminder of the time she spent living in leafy Hampshire, but to Roy it is so much more. view interior feature

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Go Wild in the Country (DJ Hoop)

Hoop is a club DJ with an encyclopaedic knowledge of modernist furniture, alongside a love of the rural. He lives in a pretty, turn of the century cottage set amongst woodland glades in Hertfordshire, about an hour’s drive from London. Hoop DJs in the coolest London clubs from Hoxton to Brixton. Come Halloween, London is set aside as friends come over, line their tents up along the grass lawns outside the cottage and cook barbecues all day long and well into the night. view interior feature

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Changing Garden Rooms

An amazing inside/outside home, 3 Concrete structures (which normally are used to divert underground streams!) are placed down the long garden with separations made by trees and ponds. The last one has a pond on top of it only seen from the converted room in the roof back in the house, so you can only hear the water from the garden! The owners use the Roof room as a chill out zone and have a steam room underneath which they can use to make the chill out room humid and jungle like, or open the balcony doors to feel the breeze and look out to the garden. view interior feature Pin It Now!

Abigail's Party

Entertaining doesn’t have to be a Victorian extravaganza of garlands and tartan. At her East London home, Abigail Ahern keeps it cool with muted tones, strings of lights and flowers galore. view interior feature Pin It Now!

Elements of Surprise

The Grove in Hertfordshire is proud of its gardens – and justifiably so. Billing itself as ‘London’s Country Estate’, the hotel is set in 300 acres of green landscape, with an 18-hole golf course on its doorstep and an elegant formal garden to complement the grand eighteenth-century mansion. The formal grounds have all the ingredients of a traditional country estate, such as ancient trees, a box parterre and a Victorian walled garden – along with some rather more unexpected features. view feature Pin It Now!

The Artist's Palate

Designer Tricia Guild brings her keen eye for colour to the table, where she serves an inspiring Italian feast. It may be winter outside, but inside Tricia Guild and Richard Polo’s kitchen/living room it is springtime: lime-green walls, a green glass table, orange and purple flowers, the splash of signature pinks and turquoise… It all seems to fuse through the glass and into the terraced garden beyond; creating the impression of one big space that says summer is coming. view interior feature

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We would like to introduce you to David Blaines cat... Pin It Now!