What do we think of tiles?

We tend to keep them locked up in the bathroom and kitchen; maybe we should let them out and set them free into the rest of the house. Our friends in the rest of the world are happy to use them anywhere. Now that we have under-floor heating our old view of tiles being too cold just doesn’t wash, so come on, let’s start using these very versatile products. They come in so many styles and are even more eco-friendly than our old favourites like wood and carpet... Search tiles Pin It Now!


America has for a long time recognized the appeal of great photography; thankfully we too are starting to use it with great effect, whether used as the main focal point of a room or to make intermit moods within the interior... Search photography

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Movable, changeable or a more permanent fixture, paneling allows you to create a whole new surface to work on without changing walls plaster or brickwork. It comes in many forms from contemporary to salvage... Search paneling

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Bright Ideas

Victoria Whitbread’s design company has had huge success with its range of Pantone mugs, so it’s hardly surprising that her love of colour can be seen all over her South London home – from purple floors to Union Jack tea cosies and pink elephants, it’s anything but drab... view interior feature Pin It Now!

Northern Light

Swapping London for Glasgow was a good move for interior designer Anna Murray. Her stylish reworking of a grand Victorian interior has provided all the family with a sunlight-flooded arena in which to work and play. There is no doubt that the proportions of the Murray’s Glasgow home are impressive. The generous space, large shuttered windows, original cornice detail and even a panel of Victorian wallpaper survive, but much of the infrastructure had to be stripped out and replaced... view interior feature Pin It Now!

Chocolate Orange

Stunning cocoa and tangerine cabinetry in a smart glossy finish ensures the Clarke’s’ large kitchen-diner is a truly delicious design. For most people, the process of finding a home is nothing short of a quest for perfection. But then Viki Clarke, a graphic designer with a keen eye for style, isn’t like most people. ‘I wanted a project I could get my teeth into,’ she says. So when a neglected period terrace came up for sale in south-west London Viki couldn’t wait to take her husband Mike along for a look... view interior feature Pin It Now!

The Greatest B&B in Britain

Sumptuously decorated and embellished with eccentric touches, 40 Winks is designer David Carter’s East End homage to fin-de-siecle frivolity. The result is a glamorous hotel that belies its bijou size. The property, 40 Winks, is claimed to be “the smallest hotel in the world”. Whether this is true or not, the three-bedroom Queen Anne confection (two guest rooms, plus Carter’s “private boudoir”) must surely be one of the most seductive. The house is a fantastical melange of the terribly grand sprinkled with a soupcon of the voguishly shabby; it’s like a piece of living theatre, exuding wit, charm and glamour... view interior feature Pin It Now!

The Homely Loft

Warehouse living isn’t all about the minimalist ideal. An East End family have cleverly divided their home to create a cosy, warm apartment where young and old have their own dedicated space. Nagels home in a former spice warehouse in East London couldn’t be more appropriate as a backdrop to her sunny new byGraziela designs. There is plenty of warmth here, brought about by the numerous vibrant accessories, textures and colours that combine to create an effortlessly stylish look... view interior feature Pin It Now!

Andy Martin

Australian architect Andy Martin and Norwegian art consultant Madeleine Heide-Paus have led the classic W11 lifestyle, living just a stone’s throw from pubs like The Cow and The Westbourne and 200 yards from the Portobello Road, their bijou flat is in prime Notting Hillbilly territory. They met in legendary west London boĆ®te Woody’s in 2002 and moved into the one-bedroom basement flat in 2004, when Madeleine was expecting their first son Eero. Since then Martin has totally reconfigured the interior, increasing volume, reversing the layout and adding a bedroom. view interior feature Pin It Now!

Themes page

We have been working hard on our themes section and have added many more projects in the last month. Please take a look... themes page Pin It Now!